A. NLRI Training Center

NLRI Training Center is designed in a way to house more than 190 participants at a time. This includes one conference hall and 3 training lecture theaters. Scientifically designed lecture theater makes each and every individual visible from the podium. Each lecture theater has capacity to house 45 numbers at a time.

Lecture Theatre: Three lecture theaters is well equipped with LCD projector, Television with DVD player, lecturer platform and podium, white board and markers, white paper sheets with permanent marker, classroom styled seat arrangement on inclined stairs to make every individual visible.

Conference Hall: A semi-circular shaped well equipped conference hall with LCD projector, Television with DVD player, white board with markers, lecturer space and visibility of all students to house 55 students at a time for seminars, presentation, symposiums and guest lectures.

Executive Dormitory: A dormitory for accommodating small grouped participants of 20 numbers together. It is available for professionals those who are not familiar with the modern utilities, attached 2 wash rooms and separate toilets are available for their convenience.