Other Facilities

Warehouse: A large warehouse constructed to store the seed, grains, farm equipments, power tiller, extra furniture, fertilizer and other utilities etc. 

Transportation: The institute has fleet of vehicles for the transport arrangement to field and other remote locations.

  • TATA Star bus for 35 people at a time in local or field.
  • Jeeps (2) for field and local transport in small batches;

Canteen: Well established mess cum canteen is functioning and catering the needs of institute on chargeable basis.

Televisions: For entertainment and information televisions are available in common rooms and mess.

Drinking water supply and pump house: An advanced water filter station is installed ensuring high quality drinking water on campus with 24 hour assured availability and supply. As part of regular quality assurance the water is tested at district PHED laboratory on monthly basis and the test report is displayed on common notice board at hostel.

Power back system and electric generator room: The Institute situated in the rural area has long hours of power cuts and failures to assure uninterrupted power supply round the clock a diesel generator with 25 KVA power generation capacity is available besides a dedicated substation on 33 KV power supply line from feeder supply installed by MP State Electricity Department.

Details of training aids available 

Open Lab: The Institute has developed an open laboratory for participants wherein the state – of – art equipment like Rainfall Simulator, rain gauge, run – off plots, sedimentation study plot, GIS Laboratory are available to the participants to understand and appreciate various practical demonstration to understand the intricacies of sustainable natural resources management.

Audio – Visual Lab: A well stocked audio – visual laboratory provides the short films on success stories from across country on various development approaches and issues;

Live Demonstration of wasteland development following watershed approach: Whole land is treated with Soil and Water Conservation measures and check to explain and demonstrate the investment, technique, indigenous methods, utility and benefits of appropriate structure on the waste land or any other land.

Nursery and shade house: Two big nursery shade houses are available for raising sampling of high value under controlled conditions, this aid to the trainings, demonstrations, production and sale of saplings to various departments, non government organization and farmers. The combined capacity is more than 10000 saplings of both shades.

Demonstration and Research plots: 5 numbers of research and demonstration plots are developed for various crops and organic research under different projects and for teaching.

Fruit orchards and Plantations: The entire campus is planted with thousands of trees, shrubs, ornamental, fruits etc… mainly Neem, Amla, Teak, Kinoo, Mango, Pomegranate, Custard apple, Jatropha, Passion fruit, grape etc provides excellent aesthetics to the residents.

Details of available demonstration sites

GVT is managing number of projects in the vicinity of the Institute, which provides living laboratories for the learners and participants. GVT is managing IWMP Project in Khachrod block of Ujjain district, Bajna and Salina block of Ratlam district, Watershed Project funded by NABARD in Bajna block of Ratlam district, NABARD funded Organic horticulture project in 3000 acres area in 55 villages in Sailana, Bajna in Ratlam district, SHG development project in Mandsour district, National Pilot Project on Integrated Water Management for Safe and Secure Drinking Water in 85 villages covering all 52 Gram Panchayat of Piploda block of Ratlam district, implementation of ATMA Project in 12 blocks of Ujjain, Ratlam, Mandsour, Dhar and Neemuch districts, Commercial Scale Certified Seed production in collaboration with KRIBHCO in Ratlam, Ujjain and Mandsour districts, MGREGA, micro planning project in Ratlam and Neemuch districts and a range of field implementation program in Jhabua, Dhar, Barwani and Alirajpur districts, all adjoin the Institute.

Details of expertise available for developing training material

The institute has fully equipped facility for developing ICT material in its Development Communication Facility. Full time professional staff to provide necessary support is available to develop the learning material like art and graphics, computer simulations, writing and editing. The Institute has its own e – journal www.backtoroots.in to illustrate it credentials.